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The Psychic Medium Told Me

Have you ever read the book "The Fortune Teller Told Me" by Tiziano Terzani? It's an awesome book. Definitely a must-read. My experience this weekend reminded me about this book so I titled this blog post "The Psychic Medium Told Me".

A Stranger Called

Over the weekend, I had a call out of the blue from a total stranger who claimed to be a famous international psychic medium who had been helping the police solve crimes as well as helping families locate missing family members. He called himself a psychic intuitive. He had also been involved in a television program about psychic investigation work helping to find missing children and solving homicide cases. The only thing I watch on TV usually has a story line or is a fictitious TV series like CSI Miami, Law and Order or NCIS.  So I am not familiar with any TV programs about psychic investigators. Oh yes, there is Medium and The Ghost Whisperer too, but I can assure you the person who called me was not Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

He told me that he had chanced upon Sun Goddess Tarot while surfing the Internet and had enjoyed some of my blog posts as well as my Facebook posts. His intuition had spurred him to connect with me so he thought to ask me for a Tarot reading, and in exchange, he would do one for me.

I felt flattered but at the same time worried. My confidence suddenly took a tumble because I did wonder, "You must be kidding me! You said you are THE famous psychic medium, shouldn't you be doing your own reading then? How much more value and insights can I lend you since I have merely a few years of experience under my belt compared to you? I should be learning from you instead!". Anyway, after much persuasion, I agreed on this fair exchange. I forced myself to put my lack of confidence aside and talked myself into viewing this guy as a typical client who needed my help. I had to be professional about it and just cracked on with shuffling my cards to his question.

What My Tarot Cards Told Me About My New Psychic Medium Friend

Okay I had to admit that because of my cynical self, I had decided to pull a couple of Tarot cards to find out if this guy was for real and what were his real intentions in contacting me. The King of Cups showed up to represent him. He did typify the description of the King of Cups who was older, calm and collected. He had a nurturing disposition and was totally in tune with his intuitive side. More importantly his maturity and balanced nature came in handy particularly when I was flapping with excitement over the emails, sending him like a dozen messages expressing reasons why I might not be the right person to do a Tarot reading for him. Well, he calmly sent me a message back that said " Even if you don't trust yourself Jo, at least trust the cards."   He was so reassuring, asking me to take my time and convincing me that he felt connected to my energy. The 2 of Swords reversed showed up to represent the help he needed. He needed to make some important but clearly very difficult choices(Later, when I did an in-depth Tarot reading for him, it did indeed uncover a situation of difficult choices that he had to make at that point).  Then I pulled out an extra card asking "why me?"   Yes, my lack of confidence was talking quite loudly. The High Priestess showed up. The High Priestess represented me and my need to tap into my subconscious and inner wisdom to help this man. The High Priestess assured me of my intuitive skills and my ability to tap into the realm of higher knowledge. This card lifted that barrier between him and me. For once, I understood what it meant when he said he felt connected to my energy. I felt like I was the mouth-piece for the High Priestess.

With renewed confidence, I proceeded to do an in-depth Tarot reading for him, and combined it with a numerological assessment. As I respect his privacy, I will not discuss the reading I had done for him within this blog post. Safe to say, he was very grateful for the reading I did for him and it touched my heart when he said , " Jo, you are a wonderful and gifted Tarot reader and you must continue doing what you do because you will be making a positive impact on people's lives." I was chuffed.

The Psychic Medium Told Me

Yes he did a reading for me too. He did not use cards. He connected with my energy through my Facebook photos and very accurately described specific moments and issues within my family that are known only to members within my immediate family members. He could even accurately describe a jade bangle - a seldom worn family heirloom - which Mum gave me when I got married to my first husband. Now, how did he know about that! That bangle is seldom worn and did not appear in any of my Facebook photos. Also, this guy is living thousands of miles away from me in the US and he has never visited Singapore, so we wouldn't have had any opportunities to bump into each other on the streets.

Most importantly, he shared a vision of me and my work around Sun Goddess Tarot. It's not a vision that I will share here as it is truly personal to me but it was incredibly promising. However, it was an amazing moment for me as I was in the throes of considering a business partnership in the hope of taking my Tarot business to new heights. A few days ago, as I was weighing my options with this partnership, a friend and mentor created a Tarot spread to provide me with some advice about the partnership.   Incredulous as it may seem, this psychic medium provided the same advice that that Tarot spread had uncovered!   I am now convinced of my options. I know what I had to do now and I am even more convinced that with hard work and a measure of confidence, Sun Goddess Tarot was going to increasingly grow it's brand. Amazingly, when this business proposition was put in front of me a few weeks ago, my intuition worked overtime to form an outcome in my head, that's been predicted by both this psychic medium and the Tarot cards that my friend and mentor had read for me. I should have trusted my intuition. I am so grateful that the both of them had given me renewed confidence about my intuitive skills.

The Universe Sent Me A New Friend

So with this exchange of readings, I felt that I had gained a friend. He somewhat fell on my lap right out of the blue. Before this weekend, we didn't know each other from Adam. Yet, all it took was for some strange universal force to connect us together. I hope to catch my new friend some day on TV perhaps when I tune into a psychic detective documentary film.  It's got to be after watching Downtown Abbey though.  I am addicted to this TV series now.

If you're reading this J, I feel blessed to have er...met you.

About The Writer Of This Blog:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade and a Tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and a Tarosophy Tarot Diploma from Tarot Professionals Ltd. She is also a certified numerologist, hence her reading style blends numerological significance with Tarot card interpretations.

A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network (FTN) and is a mentor for both the ATA and the FTN.

She can be contacted at or


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