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There Are Never Too Many Cups For A Career Reading

Picking Cards From The Suit Of Cups For A Career Reading 

Yesterday, I did a career reading for one of my clients who was a novice Tarot reader. She had played with the Tarot cards on and off on a social basis and got her few months of Tarot education from that little white book that came with her barely used Tarot deck.  I often found it satisfying to read for novice Tarot readers as it gave me a chance to turn that session into a lesson in intuitive reading as well. 

For her Tarot spread, the majority of cards that I picked were cards from the Suit of Cups.  Cups corresponds with the Water element which govern emotions, relationships, imagination, fulfillment, dreams, creativity, and intuition.  With this basic knowledge, Emmanuelle immediately exclaimed, "Oh my! I am not having an affair with him! There must be some confusion because this is a career reading."  Poor Emmanuelle.  She looked genuinely astonished and might have thought for a minute that I was a Tarot reader from "Quacks-ville".  So I began explaining to her that what she had learnt about the Suits of Cups is correct and just as these traits of the suit could impact relationships between people, they could also impact her situation within her job.

I thought to extend that explanation to the rest of my blog readers as a way of helping novice Tarot readers have a deeper understanding of the interpretation of these cards. So, with permission from Emmanuelle, I am sharing my interpretation of the cards that  I had picked to her question "What is the outcome of my job, given a trying work relationship with my boss?"

Interpretation To Emmanuelle's Tarot Spread

Self - 9 of Pentacles:

The 9 of Pentacles depicted Emmanuelle as a highly successful and financially independent woman who had worked hard to achieve what she enjoyed in her life today.  She held the position of a Regional Director of Marketing at a private wealth management company and led a fast-paced life of work travels and expensive dinners juxtaposed with late nights at the office. Emmanuelle came this far through sheer hard work.  Her company remunerated her well but every cent she got, she paid for with a lot of hard work.

Situation - 2 of Cups Reversed + 4 of Cups:

 Her work situation unfortunately was riddled with a lot of tension where she did not see eye to eye with her boss.  There was lack of harmony within the manager - direct report relationship and through the months, she felt increasing dissatisfaction with her work as she had to do what her boss demanded and was not allowed to leverage her own creative talents to lend more meaningful support to the projects she was working on.   Increasingly, Emmanuelle felt disengaged and uninspired by her boss and consequently it affected her job.  She was ever eager to book her next flight out to anywhere in the world that could get her out of the office.  She told me that she took long lunches where she worked on her laptop as she ate, and the Starbucks along a remote street within the  central business district was her 2nd office because she could not stand the sight of her boss within the office.  She seemed to be gradually retreating into her own world and enjoyed pursuing her own interests outside of work when she had the spare time.  I knew this personally as well because I was invited to many of her exquisite home-cooked dinners where she spared no expense in providing her guests with the best home-dining experience!

Obstacle - 2 of Swords Reversed:

The 2 of Swords reversed was a manifestation of what was hindering Emmanuelle from moving forward and growing in her company.  The card suggested that she was crippled by indecision about what to do with her career.  She enjoyed her work as she felt she was well-skilled for the role, and she was indeed paid a good salary that afforded her lifestyle.  However she truly disliked her boss and resentment for the latter was gradually welling up inside her, to the point of  Emmanuelle constantly building negative thoughts about her boss.  She often suspected that her boss dished out the most difficult and least fulfilling projects to her.  She also thought that her boss was out to find ways to "trip her up".  Yet,  she could not see any other options before her.  To stay within the job was to subject herself to continuous mental abuse from her boss.  To leave the job now was to throw herself into a world of uncertainties which could impact her financial outcome negatively. Emmanuelle felt stuck in her situation and it was causing her increasing mental anguish.

Development - Knight of Cups:

In the next few months,  the Knight of Cups suggested that Emmanuelle would throw herself into a new creative project that had the potential of fulfilling her for the long term.  To this Emmanuelle admitted that she was in the throes of establishing a wedding planning/events planning company on the side as she had in the past helped her friends organize complex wedding events at beautiful vacation resorts located in other countries.   No wonder,  Emmanuelle often spent extended periods of time at a country she visited for work meetings, to establish a network of contacts that could help support the purpose of her consultancy.    Her sideline business would offer her the opportunity to utilize her creative abilities and I could see it giving her much satisfaction in the long run.  In fact, this business could be her retirement job at some point when she had decided she had enough wth the corporate world.  This passion was also her way of taking her mind away from the unhappiness she was experiencing with her boss.  Smart lady!

Outcome - Page of Cups:

As an outcome, the Page bode a positive sign that Emmanuelle would not need to be afraid of losing her job some day because of a bad relationship with her boss.  She also need not fear that she could not find a job at other companies.  Within or without this job, she would have an opportunity to use her creative talents anyway.  In fact, as she continued to work hard, honed her skills and just kept her heart and mind focused on building her creative skills, she could find a job offer coming her way at some point.   Emmanuelle was advised to approach any new opportunities coming her way wth gratitude, knowing that the Universe would always present her with a new opportunity if and when she was ready.  Should her boss hand her any projects which seemed initially boring or not meaningful enough, Emmanuelle was advised to find opportunities within these projects to make a difference with her creativity.  If the Page was a reflection of herself Emmanuelle had to open her heart and mind to learning opportunities within every challenge, and use her creativity to find solutions to bridge the gaps.  Her relationship with her boss was one such challenge.

Advice - Ace of Cups Reversed + The Fool Reversed + King of Pentacles Reversed:

Yes, Emmanuelle had a huge hurdle in their path to job satisfaction, her boss.  The reversed King depicted Emmanuelle's boss as a highly rigid and authoritative boss who never gave Emmanuelle any room to come up with refreshing and creative ideas.  He saw himself as boss and Emmanuelle only but the subordinate who had to do his bidding.  However, instead of acting on impulse and antagonizing her boss with her flippant attitude, Emmanuelle had to learn to curb her emotions and fight the urge to talk back and  make her boss look stupid.  

If Emmanuelle was tempted to jump at any job offer that came her way just so she could get away from her boss, she should not be reckless  but instead, be religious with her research about these offers, so that she would not end up going from the frying pan to the fire.  I told Emmanuelle that leaving a job because she no longer enjoyed the job and was not learning anything new, was a good thing to do. However to leave a job because of not being able to get along with someone else, was really a bad idea.  She could end up at another company with the same character dynamics there as well!  With diverse personalities within any given environment, frictions caused by differences of opinions, and attitudes was to be expected.  Emmanuelle had to learn to manage these along the way.  That was part of her career growth.  And if she found a hobby she loved and provided her with a chance to turn her creativity into something that could provide a meagre income on the side as she managed her full-time career through to retirement, that was a bonus.

In summary, Emmanuelle's main issue was in her search for job fulfillment.  With this reading, I helped her see the difference between seeking job fulfillment by turning work challenges into opportunities and job fulfillment that was totally driven by her relationship with her boss.  She should not be blinded by the latter and instead be grounded enough to balance her heart and mind about what she could reap from applying her creativity to every situation good or bad.

About The Writer:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist.  She is currently running a Tarot consultancy based in Singapore called Sun Goddess Tarot,  which provides confidential intuitive readings combining the metaphysical disciplines of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology via face to face and emails as well as readings at corporate and private events and workshops.  A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and mentors Tarot protégés on behalf of the American Tarot Association


The Tarot Cards Used For This Career Reading Were Taken From The
Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck Updated By
Virginijus Poshkus And Published By U.S. Games Systems


  1. Hello,

    I would greatly appreciate some help with a recent reading if you have the time. I recently decided to expand my income reach to some serious push from the Universe. I asked 'what should I do to get my new business venture up and going/off the ground?'

    A past present and future reading with three cards resulted in reversed ten of pentacles, knight of cups, and reversed page of swords. There are many meanings online, so it's easy to get confused. Any help you can offer will be so very appreciated.

  2. Your past experiences indicate issues with money. It could take the shape of lack of resources, financial loss and even limitations to financial success. This residual fear of lack of money and just fundamental insecurities are still fresh in your mind, With the new opportunity to embark on a creative project, you know that currently, you would be in the throes of managing your finances better and you can see new income coming towards you. The future seems to serve as a warning to you not to act hastily and jump into your new venture with both feet without doing proper research. You will also find some blockages in the course of your new business but this card advises you to tackle things one by one. Another thing is if you are going into the business with a partner, please be sure that he or she is fully committee to go all the way with you. Xx Jo