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Tarot Pages - Messengers Of Inspiration

Understanding The Page

When one picks a Page in a Tarot spread, it can infer to the personalities surrounding the querants. Often, the card suggests that the personalities carry with them a youthful exuberance.

However, beyond the personalities surrounding the querants, the Page in Tarot can sometimes infer to the character traits of the querants and how they may respond to a situation.  Let’s face it.  There’s a child in everyone one of us.  Managing day to day issues, mean that we are often put on a learning curve of experiences regardless of age and capabilities.

I see the semblance of a Page in every one of my family and friends, as well as myself.  So I thought to share the different traits of each of the Pages that most inspire me as my muse depending on the situation.  For this purpose, I am using my Radiant Rider Waite Tarot deck.

Page of Cups

Governed by the element of water, he is the dreamiest of all the pages.  He is dressed in a “poofy” floral tunic, scarf and a beret.  His poofy get-up notwithstanding, he is standing on the seashore, brandishing a cup with a fish in it which appears to be having a conversation with him.  If I was in school back then, and I met this bloke that talked to a fish and dressed like a girl, I would have bullied the bugger no end, and left him locked up in the locker overnight, with the key thrown away.

Creative And Attunes To Intuition

However, this Page reminded me of myself.  The fish in his cup symbolizes his higher consciousness.  This is the muse that encourages me to listen to my intuition and to not be afraid of coming up with as many creative ideas as I can to take Sun Goddess Tarot to new heights.  Every day, I am inspired by people I meet and the various esoteric works that I study to create more depth in the services I provide at Sun Goddess Tarot.  I admit that I do dream a lot about what more I can do to help my clients with.   I am happy to let you know that I am in the throes of working on a new line of crystal and gemstone-inspired Goddess jewelry that not only looks pretty on those who wear them, but help in their healing as well.

This Page is also a bearer of positive news.  I see myself on a journey of learning. I am learning to deliver news and messages in a positive and constructive way, when I read the Tarot cards for my clients.  These constructive messages often allow these clients to uncover choices that can help them influence a positive outcome within their respective situations.

Page of Swords

The image in the card depicts this Page standing upon rocky ground, with rolling clouds above him and turbulent waves in the sea behind him. He is brandishing a sword and wears a look of determination.   This Page carries a lot of energy with him.  He can never say no, and will go all out to get what he wants and do what he needs to do.  And when he does, he’ll tell you so too.

This Page reminded me of Joel.  In fact, he is possibly Joel’s muse who inspires a lot of enthusiasm, vigor and passion vital to his new challenge as a nurse-in-training.  He is full of idealism and sees himself as a nursing director in a few years time.  He makes grand plans to pursue nursing in Melbourne and talks endlessly about his future when he would want to establish a private nursing practice for the elderly sick. 

Energetic But Wise And Communicative

The Page of Swords, governed by the element of Air, is an inspiring character.  While he is filled with so much energy, and seems to run at 240km/hr, he is smart enough to stop to ask for directions and obtain guidance from those more experienced than he is.  Joel is very young and eager to learn.  When he falls, he picks himself up and cursorily b brushes the dirt off his knees before he runs off to “build his ark” again.  His “never quit” attitude is an inspiration even to me.  True to the nature of the Page of Swords, he is also very honest and upfront about his feelings.  He expresses them quite openly, and is particularly vocal about people who are not driven to help the less fortunate, the sick or the elderly.

Page of Wands

The image in the card depicts this Page standing upon rocky ground, brandishing a wand.  He seems to be talking to the wand, verbalizing his intentions and carrying with him an air of confidence.

This Page is often mistaken for the Page of Swords because he has the same fire in his belly and governs his life with a lot of enthusiasm and passion too.  However, while the Page of Swords takes calculated risks with something he feels passionate about; sometimes the Page of Wands will take action first and worry about it later.   This Page definitely has the element of Fire raging within him.  And if he doesn’t harness his energy properly, he could often make hasty decisions.   

The  Confident Change Manager

However, the positive bit about him is that this Fire in him is a testament to his confidence. He is what I call the “change manager” who is not afraid to instill change no matter how painful it can be.  He is often struck by a spark of creativity which prompts him to want to quickly make things happen whilst inspired by that creative idea.

This Page reminded me of David.  While David is almost half a century old, and would be better classified within the category of a King amongst the Court cards, I feel his youthful energy makes him better placed amongst the family of Pages. In fact, I wished there was a Court Jester card in Tarot, but I couldn’t find one, so I thought he was most suitably regarded as a Page.

Inspires Creativity And Passion

David is my Page of Wands because he had to learn to be a stepfather overnight and judiciously chipped away to break the cultural wall between my family and him.  He inspires creativity in everything he does.  David was never trained as a musician.  He was a self-taught guitarist and bass guitarist.   He doesn’t play his guitar to earn his keep; he plays it out of his passion for British rock.   He inspired Joel to be like him, bold and fearless when tackling challenges in life. A clear example of this was when he left the UK to break into a new life in Asia; he left only with his suitcase and a heart and mind full of creative ideas to turn his life into a successful businessman running his own firm in Hong Kong.  When he left Hong Kong for Singapore, he arrived on our shores with a heart full of ideals and a belly full of fire, amongst other things, to make a life for himself here.  

Hasty But Determined

Marrying me was a hasty decision when he had to spend the initial years of our marriage dealing with my parents’ hostility, earning that respect from a step son and managing a “loopy” wife who talked to her cards and crystals.  However, he soldiered on and was eventually well-loved by Mum and Dad, and became Joel’s best friend and real life hero.  More importantly, when he was introduced into my life, he took upon himself to instill the mindset changes necessary in me to embrace my status as a single mother with some positivity.  Inspired by him, I turned my life around from a “housewife from Brunei” to build a successful career as a marketeer over the years in the banking and finance industry. 

Page of Pentacles

The nerd amongst the Pages, the image on the Page of Pentacles card depicts a Page standing amidst lush greenery examining a coin in his hands.

Governed by the element of Earth, this Page symbolizes one in the beginning of a new project, which promises successful completion only when one applies a practical approach to managing the project and is focused on attaining his project goals.  This project also promises one the opportunity to learn new skills and discover new experiences.  It’s truly an exciting journey for the Page to be in, that will culminate in success only if he works very hard at it and treat it like a great opportunity to grow his experience.

Pragmatism And Hard Work

I see the energy of this Page in one of my staff SC.  SC is a young, hardworking and ever-curious marketeer whom I had hired from my previous company when she was part of my team then too.  She has such an appetite for learning that she throws herself proactively into any project no matter how big or challenging it is.  As one of my team members, she is proficient at digital marketing, brand marketing, social marketing, customer engagement and marketing research.    

Recently, after returning from maternity leave, SC was given the opportunity to establish her own digital marketing team, and was tasked to create a holistic digital marketing plan for the company.    It was a big job filled with a lot of complexities but SC took it on without fear of hard work.  In her pragmatism, as she understood that the role demands a lot of cross functional team work, she has been employing a consultative approach to her digital marketing projects.

I am happy that SC was given an opportunity to grow and shine.  I know that one day she will be a highly effective digital marketeer critical to a company’s successful growth plans.  

Youthful Energy Of The Page

So when you see a Page in your Tarot Spread, just simply connect their respective personalities to people you know who display similar traits. 
For me, I describe a Page with just one phrase – a Messenger of Inspiration. 

You can’t go far wrong when you keep these perspectives of the Pages as messengers of inspiration. :

·       Page of Wands – He is inspiring me to breathe new life into the things I do
·       Page of Pentacles - He is reminding me to be practical about my decisions and stay focused on my goal
·       Page of Cups – He is inspiring me to listen to my intuition and come up with creative ideas to solve a problem
·       Page of Swords – He is inspiring me to be enthusiastic about the opportunity yet smart enough to ask for help

About The Writer:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and was recently certified as a numerologist in Singapore. A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and is a mentor for the ATA.

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  1. A very intriguing article. A reminder that within all of us, no matter the age, dwells an adventurous youth.

    1. Absolutely darling...oh and the youthful energy helps too:)