Wednesday 12 December 2012

30 Day Tarot Challenge Day 15: Reading Intuitively Or Via Text-Book Meanings

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Day 15:  How much emphasis do you put on the text-book meanings for cards, and how much stress do you place on the “feeling” you get from cards through their artwork/symbolism/etc. (aka reading intuitively)? Do you do both, or one or the other?


When I first started out as a novice Tarot reader, I did lean heavily on text-book meanings of each card. That troubled me quite a lot because I remembered one of my greatest bug-bear was relating that meaning directly to the querant’s situation.  The reading became quite generic and I wasn’t able to provide meaningful advice.
So through practice, I started to read intuitively by meditating on each card.  This involved visualizing my “walking” into the card and having a conversation with the images within the card.  This was a very powerful way of getting more insights that could lend depth to the advice I was giving to my clients.
This has become a habit for me every time I do a reading. It is not unusual for me to be talking to the cards simply because I am in that meditative state of being “at one” with my Tarot cards.  Do read an example of this on
In the recent months, this practice has honed my intuitive skills a lot more helping to sharpen my visions about the outcomes or current state of my clients’ situations at a glance of the cards. 
Granny’s intuitive gifts, are having an impact on me.
About The Writer:
The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and was recently certified as a numerologist in Singapore. A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also endorsed as a reader for the Free Tarot Network and is a mentor for the ATA.   She can be contacted at or

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