Monday 20 May 2013

Getting My Health Back On The Mend

Health Issues

In the last 2 years, I had been battling health issues which led to a few surgeries. These included a knee surgery, which the doctor termed as Tibial Tibular Elevation, a breast surgery to remove some cells that could potentially be cancerous and then last week, I had an Angiogram done when the doctor found a myocardial bridge and excessive calcification along my left artery.

Eager to get back on the mend, I have made some radical changes to my diet and indeed my family's diet.  I have also decided to step up on my exercises, inspired by a colleague who walked 10km a day everyday.  I don't think I could walk 10km a day each day yet, but I certainly could stop giving excuses to cancel my appointments with the personal trainer.  Most importantly, I had to do something about my lifestyle.  I had to learn to take things easy and not jump at every chance I got to shove someone's head up his or her arse just because he or she smelt bad.  That was difficult to do.  I was a typical Leo -  aggressive and passionate about everything.

Then yesterday, while convalescing at home after the Angiogram procedure, one of my Tarot proteges called to ask how come it was near impossible for her to read Tarot cards for herself.  I told her that was not necessarily so and had decided to use this opportunity to prove her wrong.  And I certainly did.

I designed a Tarot spread to get advice on how I could help get my health back on the mend.  For this purpose, I used my Morgan Greer Tarot deck created by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan, and published by US Games.

Journey To Good Health Tarot Spread

1) Where would I like to be health-wise? - 7 of Pentacles:

The 7 of Pentacles Tarot card portrayed an image of a man savouring the fruits of his hard work put into harvesting.  Health-wise, this card signified my desire to see positive results from the hard work and determination I would be putting into getting back on the right track with my health.  I was aware that getting fitter and healthier would require time and effort.  Frankly, patience was not my virtue, hence past attempts at getting fitter was rather inconsistent.  3 surgeries later, the Universe was possibly hitting me on the head to tell me to get a grip.   My cardiologist gave me 2 months to turn my health around through a sound diet and exercise plan.  When he put me through the medical tests in 2 months, he would then assess if he could reduce the dosage of my high blood pressure medication.  That was enough of a carrot for me!

2) What am I doing now to begin my journey to good health? - Page of Swords :

The Page of Swords Tarot card portrayed an image of a young man brandishing a sword as if ready for a battle but he seemed to be thinking things through before charging forward.  The suit of Swords governed thoughts, and this card was definitely reflective of my current state of mind.  I was a workaholic.  Even through this period of hospitalisation leave, I had never really rested.  My heart and mind was at the office, literally doing battle with the usual daily work issues.  However, I knew deep down this had to change.  I had been trying hard to put my Blackberry away intermittently to give myself some time to meditate.

An additional insight I had gotten from this card was that the bloke in the image was wearing clothes that gave him an erudite look - a young scholar perhaps.  And this young scholar  certainly looked enthusiastic about his pursuits.  I saw it as a reflection of my continuous enthusiastic research about my health condition over the internet.  I wanted to eventually stop my medication if I could and perhaps replace it with homeopathic treatment for my high blood pressure.  I started reading up on organic food and benefits of certain herbs and plants to treat my condition.  I even started a regime of drinking a glass of"detox" water made out of lemons and mint every morning, followed by a glass of beetroot and celery juice.  My meals  were now healthier and complete with heart-healthy ingredients like garlic, flax seed and tumeric.

3) Where am I at currently with my health? - Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Such an obvious card to pick.  The Ace of Pentacles Reversed affirmed that my current poor health was due to lack of foresight and good health practices in the past.  I should have embarked on preventive care much earlier as I had known that hypertension was a hereditary issue in my family.  Dad suffered a silent stroke from years of unchecked hypertension and he was now confined to a wheelchair because of it.  My brother, a 30something year old young man led a sedentary life and was on medication for hypertension.  Even my son at almost 20 was slightly hypertensive with a recent blood pressure reading of 144/95.  These health issues were approaching me like an on-coming truck filled with explosives and I was just blinded by the immediate gratification of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

4) What can I do now to get my health back on the mend? - Queen of Pentacles  + 2 of Wands + Moon Reversed:

I read all 3 cards together to build an advice for myself.

The Queen of Pentacles was all about balance.  It was an advice for me to create balance in my life.  I had been putting work, family, clients, and everything else before myself, rather stupidly, without realising that with poor health, I could not take care of all of them as best as I could.  I had to be resolute about creating space and time for myself to recharge and reenergise so that I could do a lot more things effectively.

The 2 of Wands was about planning and discovery.  It was an advice for me to do everything in my power currently to plan for the future ahead of me.  Firstly, I had to change my lifestyle to get my health back.  Secondly, I had to ensure I started Joel and David on the track to good health and fitness too.  This was particularly so for Joel who is still very young and had so many years ahead of him to explore a world of limitless possibilities.  Thirdly, I had to ensure I reviewed the family's insurance documents.  My hospitalisation recently and its associated cost was a reminder that not looking after my health was costly in more ways than one.  Lastly, I had to be ready to seek advice and opinions from other experts.  I had already sounded out my personal trainer who would be stepping up my training program.  I was planning to consult a dietician as well as a homeopathy practitioner who could help me make a difference to my eating habits.

The Moon Tarot card traditionally signified fear and anxieties.  The Moon Reversed picked to clarify this last question was an advice for me to release all my anxieties.  These were anxieties about my health and particularly my family's state of health.  I was already starting to do something about it.  The journey would be long and hard but it made no sense for me to be obsessive about it.  Ever since I was diagnosed with a heart problem, I had been literally breathing down my family members' necks about eating right.  There was a salad bar created in the refrigerator that fed the family for lunch and dinner every weekday.  Perhaps I was becoming too obsessed about it.   I learnt that eating right was not about stuffing vegetables down one's neck.  It was about not taking life to the extreme, not working non-stop, not eating excessively, not indulging in too much alcohol.  it was about moderation.

Health Matters

Health mattered to me most.  No money in the world could buy me happiness.  Only good health, contentment and living a life in gratitude for the abundance that surrounded me, could bring me happiness.   Lao Tzu said, "Health is the greatest possession.  Contentment is the greatest treasure.  Confidence is the greatest friend.  Non-being is the greatest joy."

About The Writer:
The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She has a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist based in Singapore. A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and Biddy Tarot as well as a mentor for the ATA.   She can be contacted

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