Saturday 1 February 2014

Welcome Spring Through Tarot, Healing And Creativity


This blog post was written as my contribution to the Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop which incidentally, would be the first Tarot blog Hop for 2014!  Christiana Gaudet, the wrangler for this particular blog hop had decided on this topic "Tarot, Healing And Creativity".  To visit the blog posts on the same topic written by my fellow Tarot bloggers, please visit the links below:

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Imbolc, was celebrated as an ancient Celtic fire festival that marked the mid point in between the seasons of Winter and Summer.  The festival was a celebration of the renewal of the earth when prayers were focused on welcoming Spring. Bonfires and candles were lit to hark back light, longer and warmer days.  Hopes were placed on creating abundance, from planting seeds that could reap crops in a few months, to the birthing of  cattle, lamb and other farm animals.   At Imbolc, Brigid was celebrated by my Pagan friends as the Goddess of fire, healing, creativity and fertility.  

The Christians celebrated  the feast day of St Brigit of Kildare. St Brigit was honoured for her devout faith and support of creativity.  A testament to this was when she founded a school of art and nurtured skills like metal work and illumination.   Another testament to her creativity was when she approached King Leinster for a piece of land upon which she could build a convent.  The King laughed at her and promised her that she could have a piece of land as big as her cloak could cover.  When Brigit spread her cloak on the ground, it grew miraculously to cover acres of grounds.  The King,  having experienced this miracle, gave her the land as promised and became a Christian soon after.  In more ways than one, she should be honoured for the new beginnings she had established through her creativity.


I saw Imbolc as a period that celebrated new beginnings.  Most people would have come off the year-end festivities with renewed vision of what they wanted the new year to hold for them.  It was a time when farmers started to plant new seeds, and people started to plan for the for the rest of the year.  As they prayed for light and warmer days, they wanted to embrace the future with optimism and looked forward to manifesting their goals with all the past experiences they had garnered.  It was exactly the same with my clients, who kept me extremely busy these few weeks because they were in the throes of 2014 planning and wanted guidance on career and relationship so that they could navigate challenges through the year.

 I have always believed that my purpose was to use my intuitive skills to support the journey of healing that my clients took through the creative Tarot spreads that I enjoyed designing when I read for them.    However,  beyond the creative Tarot spreads that one could design, I wanted to explore the nifty idea of telling a story through Tarot.   I worked in Public Relations, and in that profession, it was all about story-telling for a purpose, and I see that same synergistic skill I had been using to do my Tarot readings.

I was quite inspired by Arwen Lynch's work when I attended one of her presentations at an international tarot conference a couple of months ago.  She spoke about Tarot for writers, and that was where I got the idea.  She also wrote a book called "Mapping The Hero's Journey" which aimed to help aspiring writers  finish writing that book within 33 days.  I would not attempt to tell a story here using my Tarot cards.  I would  instead be writing a poem guided by the Tarot cards that I had picked as I wrote this blog post.  I also had the  immense help of a few glasses of wine. 

This poem is called A New Beginning because the focus of my work this month, was to help my clients heal from their negative experiences in the last year, so that they could move on to embrace a better and more positive 2014.  Bear with me as this was my first time writing poetry by randomly picking my Tarot cards.



A laboured walk through darkness

I leave painful footsteps within the snow
With my last vestige of strength
I fight my weary way through the cold


Where am I going

I don't quite know
Perhaps to find a place of calm
Or a clear path for me to run


But I know that soon dawn will break

This journey is one I have to take
Even when the burden weighs heavy on my lap
As I struggle to take my next step


With eyes fixed upon the horizon

I shall release all disappointments


To a new beginning I approach

When I am guided to find the right road

 ~ Joanna Ash,  Sun Goddess Tarot

Thanks to Christiana and Arwen, I learnt to be slightly more experimental with my Tarot cards and took them beyond my client readings.  I managed to write poetry with them too!  However, that book has to wait though, I now have a headache from the wine. 

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About The Writer:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist.  She is currently running a Tarot consultancy based in Singapore called Sun Goddess Tarot,  which provides confidential intuitive readings combining the metaphysical disciplines of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology via face to face and emails as well as readings at corporate and private events and workshops.  A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and mentors Tarot protégés on behalf of the American Tarot Association


I picked these cards randomly to help me craft this poetry called A New Beginning.
These cards were taken from the Morgan Greer Tarot deck
created by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan.
The cards were laid out deosil around a candle used for my Imbolc prayer.


  1. I'm so honored, Joanna. Thank you very much. I loved your poem :D

    1. No Arwen, I should thank you! I didn't think it was possible to write with the cards...I was quite wrong.

  2. I love tarot poetry, so cool that you've shared your first attempt with us. I look forward to seeing more in the future :)

    1. Thanks Karen! It was quite funny when I first fumbled through it...Thank goodness it turned out more of a poem than a limerick...!

  3. A very cool idea! As a result of your poetic inspiration, I may use this idea to expand on the poems that will go with the cards in my Cosmic Whispers deck.
    And, yeah, the wine will slow you down eventually, although it can also be a catalyst for inspiration. :)

    1. LOL! It was way too much wine this Lunar New Year festive season for me...good thing the poem actually turned out ok and with some rational flow to it....if I went on to the 2nd bottle, it might not have been...hahahaha!

  4. Wonderful ideas, Joanna! Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Wow, I love how you're exploring Tarot writing! And I really love what you've put together....with Tarot there are endless possibilities and when I see posts like this it always reminds me of that all over again!

    1. Thanks Olivia...endless possibilities would be the right term. Sometimes I forget and these cards always teach me something new:)

  6. Wow, two poems in a row (I'm hopping backwards today!). I love seeing these. A way of working with the cards that personally, I hadn't thought of trying...

    1. Try it! Try it! It's such fun...particularly when I wasn't sure what was the next card I was going to pick and had to force myself to craft a verse every time I picked one.

  7. That is so beautiful. What a great idea to draw several cards for a poem . Coincidentally I have just wrote a poem in Dutch with one tarot card and now I can't wait to draw perhaps three or more and try how that works for me
    Thank you Joanna :)

    1. Very welcome! Let me know how your next experiment with multiple cards went!

    2. It was a great experience. Lovely how the cards set the tone of the poem. I've posted it on my Dutch blog (still in progress) and linked this post

  8. I love your poem! Great blog post Joanne... thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sharon. Might experiment with more in the future:)

  9. I need to revisit poetry. I used to love writing it as a child and recently came across a notebook full of poems I'd written when I was ten. :)

    1. SHARE!!!!!! Might inspire more people to encourage creative expression in their kids!

  10. Yay! I am so glad you are stretching into everything tarot can be, and everything you can do! I love tarot poetry in general. Yours, in specific, is really inspiring!