Friday 20 December 2013

Yule 2013 Tarot Blog Hop Masterlist


Welcome to the Yule 2013 Tarot Blog Hop.  

Below is the master list of Tarot bloggers who are participating in the Yule 2013 Tarot Blog Hop.  Come celebrate Yule with us on 21 December at 2pm GMT. 

The Masterlist:

 1.  Stella Tarot 
3. Cassandra Santori -  
20. J Jordan Hoggard
23. Chloe for TABI

 About The Blog Hop:
In the Northern Hemisphere, Yule is known as the Winter Solstice while in the southern hemisphere Yule is known as the Summer Solstice.  No matter where you are located and whichever religion or traditions you follow, Yule is always a magical time filled with excitement and steeped in traditions.  Yule sees the triumph of light over darkness.  As Celtic Yule lore goes, Yule is celebrated as the rebirth of the Sun when the Oak King who ruled over the light part of the year, defeated the Holly King who ruled over the dark part of the year. So Yule brings with it the opportunity to be reborn with new light.

 The Blog Hop Theme:

 What Was Expected Of The Bloggers:
 Yule night or Winter Solstice sees the longest night of the year.  When the sun rises the next morning, we celebrate light with the rebirth of the sun as the dark half of the year makes way for the lighter half.  In the spirit of welcoming back the light, the bloggers were asked to unleash their creativity with this topic.  For example:
  • Use their Tarot cards to guide them on how they could bring light to the people around them.
  • Share their experiences on finding light at the end of a period of darkness
  • Use their Tarot to guide them on re-charging themselves with strength
  • Use their Tarot to guide them on how they are going to imbibe vitality to their endeavors
  • Share how they celebrate light with Yuletide traditions
  • In a nutshell, use this Yule Tarot Blog Hop to celebrate light together with me in their own way.

Whether or not you are a part of the Tarot Blog Hop community participating in the Yule 2013 Tarot Blog Hop, I hope you will enjoy these rich gifts in the form of knowledge, insights and experiences shared within these beautiful blogposts. 

For me personally, these Tarot bloggers have truly brought me light through the friendship, mentorship, support and advice they had given me along my journey with Tarot.  I know their blog posts will bring you the same light they have brought me. 

My Yule Candle - This particular candle was used at a service at church to
pray for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  I have brought it back to grace
the altar at home for my Yule ritual


  1. When I do my next turn as wrangler, I am going to have to borrow the idea of including a "what expected of the bloggers" section in the master list--it is a nice touch.

    1. Thanks Morgan! So difficult to be a wrangler i tell you...oh boy!

  2. How does one get involved in the tarot blog hop? I'm looking to revitalize my personal writing in 2014 and this seems like a worthy and informative endeavor.