Tuesday 4 September 2012

I Am Learning To Be The Queen Of Cups

Making More Friends In The Course Of Tarot Reading

I love doing tarot readings at events.  I have been doing a few interesting ones in the last few weeks, ranging from birthday parties, bachelorette parties and corporate events.  One of the best things that I love about doing tarot readings at events is the amount of friends I have made along the way. 

Many, whom I have read for, at these events, have kept in close contact with me either via Facebook or email. And I have been blessed because virally by word of mouth, they would be sharing with their friends about their experiences with Sun Goddess Tarot.  That probably explains why I had also been receiving emails and phone calls from strangers asking to have their tarot cards read.  Initially, I thought I must have been quite good at digital search marketing but to give you a perspective of my prowess at digital marketing, my staff had once likened my knowledge of digital marketing to one reciting Shakespeare to a cow.

I think, the gratification for me, was that I have been regarded as a good friend and a great listener to the new friends I have made along the way.  Okay, perhaps to some, I have become their Aunt Agony. I don’t quite mind it much as long as they don’t call me at midnight for a chat because a girlfriend had packed and left the home with their beloved dog and they wanted me to do an online tarot card reading to locate the dog.

Some Funny Stories

That story with the dog was real.  It actually happened a few months ago when its owner learnt about my ability to read the tarot cards for pets from my blogpost (http://sungoddesstarot.blogspot.sg/2012/06/pet-whisperer.html).  Let me share more humorous stories with you, all gathered from my journey with my tarot cards.

A few weeks ago, I had done a tarot reading at a birthday party.  As it was the 7th month festival of the hungry ghost, the birthday girl and her friends asked if I could tell ghost stories.  I jokingly said “Yeah, sure.  But it will cost more. Also you will have to hang strings of garlic around the house, and you will need to clear the space with a sage smudge stick.” 

When I went to the party, I was so shocked by the sight of an entire house filled with strings of garlic hung in every corner of the living room and kitchen.  There was enough garlic to run an Italian restaurant.  Also, the entire house was so smoky that we had to open all the windows and doors, and switch off the air- conditioner because she had smoked the house with the smudge stick a few minutes earlier before I arrived.  When she was about to hand me extra cash for the “additional service”, I almost fell to pieces from laughing so hard.  I had to apologize for my poor sense of humor and admitted quite sheepishly that I was a good tarot reader but a lousy story-teller of ghost stories.

Another incident happened at a corporate event. As the guests of that event were specifically allowed only one question each in a bid to manage the queue in front of my tarot reading corner, my instructions from the host was also the same. “Please follow the names written on the tarot reading queue sheet closely, and only one consultation session per guest please,” he said.  One of the guests must have enjoyed her first reading so much that she managed to sneak in between the queue under different assumed names which she gleaned from the name list in front of me.  She had a bit more to drink than she could handle that night, so by the 3rd reading, I said “You look familiar, what’s your name?”   She took a quick glance at my name list and said “Benjamin.”

Queen Of Cups

What I love most about doing tarot readings at these events, was the opportunity to be a confidante to the querant in the midst of a crowd.  It is difficult to describe the powerful connection between the querant and I in spite of the noise from the clinking of glasses, people talking and laughing, and music in the background during these events.  However, the minute the querant sat down in front of me and got his or her tarot cards read, the connection between us was simply magical. It felt like the entire room just stopped moving, and time at that point had also stopped.

Many of these querants have fostered a close friendship with me beyond and  after I have read their tarot cards at these events, I feel very humbled by the trust they have in me and am inspired to adopt the energies of the Queen of Cups in dealing with my new friends.

The Queen of Cups nurtures with compassion and deep sensitivity.  She holds the hands and warms the hearts of the people around her who may be in need.  She is so emotionally connected with her intuition and will render advice with honesty and empathy. She has a strong sense of commitment to guiding and mentoring people with the pure intent of providing comfort and support in times of need.

I am thankful to them for the opportunity to learn to be like the Queen of Cups.  The truth is, for every bit of healing that I have assisted them with through my tarot readings, I have actually helped heal myself from any past negativity and strengthened my soul purpose to do good with my intuitive skills.

About the writer:
The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and was recently certified as a numerologist in Singapore. A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and is a mentor for the ATA.

She can be contacted at www.facebook.com/SunGoddessTarot or www.sungoddesstarot.com


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