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Add Greater Depth To Tarot Readings With Numerology And Astrology

I built my niche over the years through my reading style of combining Numerology, Tarot and Astrology in a reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing so because I often use the querant's numerological make-up and the astrological influences that surrounded him or her to obtain even deeper insights from the Tarot cards I picked for him or her. Because of the depth in the readings, it has helped me provide advice-centric readings that empowered the querant to make the right decisions to move forward with his or her issues.  Here is an example of how you could do the same in your reading. 

The Client: Yvonne

Birthdate: 12 February 1980

Astrological Sign : Aquarius

Question: I feel that my colleagues do not value my inputs at work and I cannot seem to get along with them.  What can I do to garner some respect and recognition at work?

The Numerological Assessment:

The day of birth is very useful when it comes to assessing a querant's behavior or attitude.  To determine Yvonne 's, you will need to add up her day of birth, that is, 1+ 2 = 3.
Her character number that governs her behavior and attitude is a 3. This indicates that she is a vibrant person full of vitality and energy.  She needs to work in an environment that allows her to have space for creative expression. Being highly expressive, the work environment within which she works should tap on her expressive nature instead of suppressing it.  In this situation, I can see Yvonne attempting to build a collegiate relationship with the team at work and she should continuously harness her sunshine personality to do so. If she is not doing this well, then this indicates that her work environment could be one that is not proactively fostering an open communication amongst the team.   Also, the company could be a conventional one and that could also stifle Yvonne's need for creative expression. The good thing about her is that she is able to bounce back quickly from any setbacks that she may face.  So she is advised to harness the strengths of her 3 character to put any negative past behind her so that she can  focus on  positively building better relationship and communication with the team.   

Life path numbers provide a semblance of the opportunities and lessons that life will offer her.  To determine Yvonne's, you will need to add up her day of birth, to the month of birth to the year of birth (1+2+2+1+9+8+0 = 2+3 (add up the compound number 23) = 5). So Yvonne's Lifepath number is 5.  Her Lifepath 5 number, tells me that life offers her opportunities to be a catalyst of change. She is adventurous and open to walking the unbeaten track.  Given this lifepath number, it is obvious that Yvonne will not flinch when faced with these issues at work. Her question needed no rephrasing because it was quite clear that she was looking to proactively work within the limitations and constraints of the company and was happy to adapt to the situation. Freedom of thought and freedom of expression are all very important to her.  This lines up wth her Aquarius sign which I will talk about later. This also lines up with her Character number 3 and emphasizes her strong desire to create a space within the office where she could add value creatively.   As you can see, Yvonne's numbers should influence her to  approach this challenge as a new learning experience for growth.  I could see a hint of that as evidenced in the way she framed her question.  Another thing special about Yvonne is that as one with a life path 5, she will have plenty of opportunities to multi-task at work with differing projects.  While she would be good at it, she needs to also ensure that she does not scatter her energies too much as fuelled by her Character number 3.  If anything falls through the cracks with these projects because of her inability to stay focused, it might affect her colleagues' trust in her reliability.   

The Astrological Assessment:

Yvonne is born under the Zodiacal sign of Aquarius,  which is governed by the planet Uranus.  Known also as the God of the Sky, Uranus is often associated with change, non-conformity, revolutionary tendencies and idealistic expectations.  The planetary influence propels Yvonne's need for self-realization and freedom from expectations. Aquarius is governed by Air element and represented by The Star and The King of Swords in Tarot.  This explains Yvonne's idealistic expectations about her colleagues all getting along as one big happy family when she joined the company.  When she realized it was not to be so, the situation compelled her to go into a tailspin of deep analysis about what she had done wrong, and why she was not accepted by the team.  So I advised her to balance all the thinking with a practical plan to help her win her colleagues over. She was also advised not to have too high expectations of her colleagues as some may not be as open and communicative as she had hoped them to be.  Funnily, Aquarius people have problems expressing emotions. They find it embarrassing to show too much of emotions.  So Yvonne should balance that limitation from her Zodiacal influences and harness the expressive nature of her character number 3 instead.
Now that I have assessed her numerological and astrological influences in order to provide her some forward-looking advice, I then created a Tarot spread to understand her situation in better depth.

The Tarot Spread:

Current Situation  - 8 of Cups + The Tower Reversed

These cards clearly affirm Yvonne's stand that she felt under-appreciated. Even though she had done all she could within her work environment, she felt that her colleagues were not recognizing he value she brought to the table.  While she recognized that the easy way out was to walk away from it all,  she also knew that would only mean that she was giving up and not ready to effect positive change for herself.  The change needed was in learning to be open to the opinions of others and approach everything at work as a new learning curve.  She needed to adapt herself to the situation and not have idealistic expectations limit her.  While changing this perspective was difficult and adapting to the new job environment was going to be tough, she understood it was necessary. As an Aquarian, she could possibly been turning over and over in her head,  that question of "Should I leave or should I stay in the company?" or assessing the "what-if" of each option opened to her. What would be more important was for her was her resolve to change her perspective and look at a plan to better engage her colleagues.

Obstacle - Ace of Wands 

The Ace of Wands as an obstacle suggested that the state of being constantly  embroiled in disagreements at work may be stripping her off her energy levels and leaving her feeling incredibly unmotivated and uninspired. She might have felt that her creative ideas got put down or was not appreciated or perhaps she felt that she was not given opportunities to express her creativity and take action on her ideas.  These had made her increasingly frustrated and disillusioned.  Remember, she has a Character number 3 which means that if her colleagues were indeed not valuing her creative inputs and not giving her ample opportunities to express herself freely, of course she would be very frustrated!

Advice - 8 of Swords + 3 of Swords Reversed  
As a Character number 3, her sensitive nature did influence the way she responded to the situation.  These cards affirmed the impact the experience had in her but they also advise Yvonne to approach her issues with a more open-minded perspective of the situation.  This affirms that she needed to learn to be open to differing opinions of others and not view it as their non-acceptance of her creative ideas.  She had to let go of the residual negativity and disappointment she felt about her colleagues or anything that her colleagues had said to affect her in the past.  This will allow her to move forward with positivity, hone new skills of resilience and adaptability and allow her to build a better relationship with her colleagues. 

Outcome - Knight of Swords

 The Knight revealed that Yvonne would be moving forward from this episode by going all out with the job, pushing herself to reach her goals without letting anyone or anything stand in her way. I hope she would be arguing her point of view tactfully when she needs to do so.  While managing her projects and targets with clear ambition and enthusiasm, I truly hope she would be open to others' opinions at the same time as per my advice from the previous cards.  She could pose to be challenging for the quieter and less out-spoken colleagues so she needs to be quite careful or else she might view these challenges as her colleagues' non -acceptance of her creative ideas again.


As you can see, the majority of the suits within the spread are Swords cards. Swords cards are governed by Air element and are associated with intellect, perceptions, mental conflicts and communication. I can see that a lot of Yvonne's issues are dictated by her perceptions of the situation and she needs to learn to adapt and open her mind to alternative views.  The communication breakdown and disharmony can also be seen by the heavy presence of the swords cards and this makes it even more evident that while she needs to harness her gifts of creative expression, she would be required to put her point across in a more tactful manner and accept the opinions of others as well.  Her lifepath 5 makes her adaptable to such challenging work environment  and her creative traits driven by her character number 3 should help her navigate the interpersonal relationships at work.  As an Aquarian, instead of imposing such high expectations on how her colleagues should respond to her ideas, she should instead think about a logical plan to bring her colleagues into the effort of co-creating the ideas with her.

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About The Writer:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade and an intuitive reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist.  She is currently running a consultancy based in Singapore called Sun Goddess Tarot,  which provides confidential intuitive readings combining the metaphysical disciplines of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology overlaid with her Clairvoyant and Clairsentient skills via face to face and emails as well as readings at corporate and private events and workshops.  A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and mentors Tarot protégés on behalf of the American Tarot Association.

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