Monday, 16 June 2014

Reclaiming Back My Power

Living Up To My Personal Year 6

This year, I have been living up to the vibrational energy of my Personal Year 6 in Numerology.  Having maneuvered  through several challenges at work and at home last year which had frequently made me combust into a raging ball of emotional outbursts and exhausting me to the core,  this was the year I focused a lot on re-energizing myself and spending more quality time with the family.   When I finally came to terms with the challenges I faced and mustered the strength to look for opportunities from them,  I began to understand  my gaps well enough to be able to plug them with a proactive plan that involved taking care of myself better, so that I could take even better care of my family, my work, my colleagues and my clients.  My ego was my greatest culprit that saw me cultivating an over-achieving streak whether I was at work, at home or running my business.  When I learnt to let go of that ego, and loved myself more for being me, flaws and all, I took the decision to take good care of myself by spending more time in quiet meditation, nurturing my spiritual path with authenticity, love and compassion, getting in touch with nature more to breathe in the green healing energy from the earth, and paying more attention to my health and fitness.

Taking Care Of My Spiritual Development

The first thing I did was to engage a couple of intuitive coaches, Danielle Dove and Karina Ladet who were critical to my spiritual development.  I learnt to let go of useless past energies in the process so that I could be more productive in helping my clients, learnt to meditate with more focusedness, was introduced to a spiritual realm of guides who became my "lightworker's support team" and developed my psychic abilities further to help support the existing metaphysical modalities of tarot, numerology and astrology that I had been working with.  As my intuitive coaches had opened my heart and mind to a world that taught me to surrender and trust my higher self and tap on my clairvoyant and clairsentient skills, as if by coincidence, the Universe blew a bunch of clients my way who were also in the throes of developing their intuitive capabilities.  I felt privilege to be walking that journey with them, teaching them to tap on their own intuitive skills so that some day they too could bring light to people who need it most.  

I have not finished learning from my intuitive coaches.  Every time they write a blog post, record a new meditation or share an inspirational story about their experiences, I learnt something new.  Having had their guiding hand in mind, I was now in a much happier place to start getting my body and mind fit and healthy enough to take on the challenges in the next stage of my spiritual development,

Taking Care Of My Health And Fitness

Naturally, the next thing I did was to take care of my health and fitness.  I believed that it is only with the alignment of a healthy body, mind and spirit, that we can genuinely serve our soul purpose with 100% commitment.  I engaged 2 personal trainers who are now currently working with me to support my fitness goals,  1 of them works on my strength conditioning and the rehabilitation of my knee post-surgery, and the other is my kickboxing coach.  Together, they had been responsible for pushing my boundaries in terms of cardiovascular fitness, building my strength back in my legs and allowing me to reclaim back my power through an increasing sense of confidence.

Reconciling My Spiritual Path With My Love For Muay Thai

A friend asked me how I reconciled my spiritual path as an intuitive reader with an aggressive sport like kickboxing.  I told her that the sport taught me that I could make the impossible possible when everyone told me that I could never do sports again after my knee surgery.  I imparted this spirit to my clients who called on me as they dealt with near-impossible life-changing issues. I resolved to show them that nothing is impossible. 

I was completely fascinated with the art of Muay Thai when I was introduced to the basics of kickboxing.  Just like the way I had spent years demystifying the metaphysical modalities of Tarot and Numerology, I set out to demystify the perceived violence in Muay Thai.  The martial art is a spiritual experience that taught respect of self and others.  Just spending time folding back my handwraps was a practice of discipline and respect for the skills I was taught.  Steeped in ritual and ceremony, the pre-fight ritual, called Ram-Muay, was itself an elaborate gesture of gratitude and respect for the skills learnt by the boxer.  Wai-Kru, the 3 bows was a demonstration of respect accorded to the boxer's coach and an invocation for divine protection. The music called Pi-Muay which accompanied the bouts, was meant to help focus the boxer's mind into a meditative state.

More than ever, Muay Thai taught me patience, humility, determination and discipline. These were qualities anyone on a continuous walk along that spiritual path will need.  I certainly did.  When I started reconciling my spiritual path with my love for Muay Thai, I realized it made me a better intuitive reader because of the ego that the sport had stripped from me, the patience and humility that I had learnt and the lessons of endurance and determination that were necessary for both myself and my clients to manage the hard knocks of life.  

Reclaiming My Power

By taking care of my spiritual development as well as my health and fitness, I was able to reclaim back my power lost to my attachment to my ego that had crippled me for years.  Today, I have been supporting my clients in their respective journeys to reclaim back their power as well.

About The Writer:

The writer of this blog post is a marketeer by trade and an intuitive reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist.  She is currently running a consultancy based in Singapore called Sun Goddess Tarot,  which provides confidential intuitive readings combining the metaphysical disciplines of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology overlaid with her Clairvoyant and Clairsentient skills via face to face and emails as well as readings at corporate and private events and workshops.  A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and mentors Tarot protégés on behalf of the American Tarot Association.


My Muay Thai Coach And I In Phuket, Thailand

My Kickboxing Coach And I In Singapore

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