Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Guide Your Relationship With Your Intuition During This Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio Sun In Taurus

14 May 2014.  The full moon is in Scorpio and the Sun is in Taurus.  It is fabulous timing for me to use this full moon to discuss the topic of RELATIONSHIPS, because I have just celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary and my husband's 50th birthday.  Indeed, this full moon forced me to think about what I am bringing to our marriage, how I can inject more romance in our relationship and what else I would need to do to walk this journey hand in hand with him, through more wedding anniversaries to come.  Yes, this full moon in Scorpio will make you do the same - rethink about where you are in your own relationship.

You might  be in the throes of creating a balance between the need to shake up your relationship in that "make or break" moment and your need  to hold on to some semblance of emotional security.  This would mean an increased intensity in the emotional flux that you could be experiencing within you, 

Emotions Run Deep

This full moon, you could expect emotions to run really deeply when you set your intentions to connect even more with your loved ones.  This would be the time you might think about how much trust you have in your partner, how much passion you might have lost over the years together, or how to take the relationship up another level.  As the full moon brings out all that emotional flux within your heart, you are reminded that this full moon, like all full moons, would be the right time to bring. your intentions to fruition and whisper a prayer asking for the courage to finally accept any transformational experiences spurred by relationship upheavals.  Perhaps you might want to say a prayer for the strength let go of behavioral patterns that impact your current relationships.  You might also finally decide to let go of a past relationship that had not served you well.  And if like me, you have been married for quite a number of years, you might decide to work on putting the passion and romance back in your relationship.  I am definitely doing that during this full moon.  Hence, in anticipation of this, we had just spent a glorious week celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in the gorgeous island of Sri Lanka.

Be Guided By Your Intuition

This is after all a full moon governed by the element of water.  So when you are questioning where you stand in your relationship, or attempting to make sense of the emotional upheavals that you are experiencing, my advice would be to let your intuition guide the direction of your relationship.  

This full moon falls within the week of the Summer Solstice celebrations too when  the energy of growth and abundance is pulsating in the air.  So my prayers for you this full moon is that you might manifest a relationship with your loved one that is filled with abundant love, laughter, trust, opened communication and understanding.

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The Moon Is So Bright And Round Tonight.
I Took This Shot While Out On A Drive To Nowhere With The Hubby.
We Do That A Lot So We Could Discover New Places And Chat Like School Kids In The Car.

The Hubby And I Exchanged Friendship Bands Made In Sri Lanka Where We Spent
Our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  I Am A Strong Believer Of The Axiom That
Strong Relationships Are Founded On Strong Friendships.

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